Xmanager 6.0

Accesses remote Linux and UNIX environments
Overcome inherent incompatibilities between software and Windows by connecting to a virtualized environment recreating the structures of Linux and UNIX. The suite provides a session management console, a launcher for X applications, a profile manager, an SSH module, etc.

XManager is a very good program. It consists of many applications:
Xbrowser, Xconfig, Xmanager - Broadcast, Xmanager - Passive and Xstart.
Xmanager is a powerful PC X server. It runs only on Windows Operating Systems. You may use it to control remote systems that run on UNIX and Linux. So, it is a remote desktop application. However, it is not that easy to setup. You need to know something about it. You can also run remote X Applications through SSH (Secure Shell) protocol, even if your Windows system is inside a private network and a firewall is present. Now, if you compare it to "Teamviewer", this one is really complex and also, with more advanced features. It is not intended for regular computer users. I would recommend "Teamviewer" for general use (with Windows OS only) because it is the easiest one.

XConfig is the tool for configuring and managing XManager profiles.
A profile will contain Xmanager settings like window mode, fonts, colour, security, etc. You may create any number of profiles with variable settings.

Xbrowser works like the My Network Places in Windows. It finds out all accessible hosts in the network. It is really easy to connect with this one. Just double click any icon.

As a whole, it is very good software of its kind. But the main drawback is that it cannot be run from a non Windows system.

Zack Martin
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  • A lot of features
  • Supports UNIX, Linux


  • Highly Complex and not easy to use
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